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How I reimagine your heritage jewellery

Heritage jewellery, otherwise known as heirloom jewellery, is that which has been passed down through family generations. It has a past, and tells a story, often entrusted to sons and daughters to continue its legacy.


These fascinating and unique pieces hold such meaning because they belonged to a loved one. Many clients I speak with have pieces they've held onto for that special reason, yet they sadly never wear. 


I love to take items that aren't being worn and give them a new lease of life, so they can be worn again and again.


Do you have heritage pieces that you'd like reimagined into something special? Discover how below: 


Step 1 - Consideration

Browse your jewellery box, pulling out any gold or platinum pieces not worn anymore, or gemstones you may wish to remodel.

Jewellery will be remodelled within my signature style, although I'm happy to work with you if there's something you had in mind.

Step 2 - Consultation


Send me a message via my enquiry form and I'll arrange a suitable time to discuss your ideas and determine what would be achievable with the jewellery you have.


Step 3 - Assessment 


With a good understanding of what you're looking for and the direction we'd be going in, you'd post your jewellery to me for assessment, or if you live locally, drop it off at my Swindon workshop.

Extra special care will always be taken when handling your jewellery.


If we're working with your heritage jewellery you may not be sure of the gemstones and carat of the gold, I can therefore test the metal for you and also give you a good idea of what the stones might be.


Not all gold is suitable for melting up as large amounts of solder within jewellery can affect how successful the gold is to be remodelled.  This includes pieces such as white gold and fine chains. Any gold that isn't suitable can be valued for scrap and offset against your order if you wish to proceed.


I can also have a good look at your stones and make sure there is no damage to them before we proceed further.


Step 4 - Decisions


I'll illustrate a selection of designs with prices, for you to consider your favourite.


If at this stage you decide you do not want to proceed, I will be sure to send your jewellery securely back to you via special delivery (paid for by the customer). 


Step 5 - Creation 


As soon as you're happy with the final design I would require 50% deposit to get started.


Making time takes approx 8-12 weeks depending on complexity. Upon completion, I'll ensure your piece arrives safely to you, via special delivery.

Wear your reimagined heritage jewellery with love & pride, continuing your family story. 

Join my waiting list for September 2024

Appointments to discuss your ideas are now available for September, join my waiting list and I'll be in touch soon to confirm a date with you. 

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