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I'm Deana,

Goldsmith, designer & entreprenuer. I'm all about balancing work and family life, rummaging around antique stores and enjoying a nice glass of wine. Being sentimental myself, I'm passionate about recycling jewellery into designs people love to wear.

Family is a huge focus in my life, so having a strong work-life balance is so important. I love how making jewellery gives me so much joy and satisfaction and still allows me to be at home with my little girl. 


My mission

is to recreate jewellery that stands the test of time. I value the longevity in precious metals and gemstones, as often jewellery is left aside because it's broken, doesn't fit or isn't a style you'd wear.


This heritage or unworn jewellery has a history and sentimental value that deserves to be appreciated. I'll work closely with you to reimagine these pieces into designs you'll love to wear.

Recycled, reimagined, reloved.


My story


Let's start at the beginning... 1987-1999

My love for jewellery began young. I was inspired by my mum and nan who encouraged me to channel my artistic side. Often spending my days crafting, drawing and in awe of my nan's gorgeous jewellery collections.


dean and nan.png

Discovering my passion and learning my craft 2000-2010

From GCSE Art to BTEC Interior Design, I went on to do a pre-uni Art and Design course and discovered my passion for jewellery. I started experimenting with resin and pendants that encased perfume.


At Manchester Met Uni I studied 3D Design, making with glass, ceramics, wood, and metal. I began figuring out my signature style; big and bold, with geometric shapes & clean lines.


Customer service and design-led opportunities 2006-2011

During my degree, I worked part-time for a lovely family-run jeweller, Jenny Jones, teaching me valuable experience in customer service. After, I moved to Bristol and worked for award-winning designer, Diana Porter. An exciting design-led opportunity showcasing fellow creators' work in a gallery and working with clients on designs.

Mastering the client experience and quality over quantity 2011-2016

On my return, I acted as a Sales Consultant for luxury family-run jeweller, Pravin’s. Here I completed two jewellery retail courses, moving up through Supervisor, Assistant Manager, and finally Brand Ambassador.


I learnt the importance of excellent client experiences, creating training content that I delivered across their four boutique stores.


I began to see the value in jewellery. Quality over quantity and attention to detail. Before I was designing aluminum and silver for occasional wear. But I had now developed a love for gold and owning a few special pieces to wear all the time.































Break from jewellery and on another path 2016-2018

After 6-years of working my way up, I still felt unsure of my next steps. I detoured from jewellery and tried a different design path as a Product Developer, designing and manufacturing kitchenware products.


I saw the product process from start to finish, attended trade fairs and directed collection photography. But still, on my lunch breaks, I'd be scrolling Pinterest for jewellery. My colleague would say it was evident jewellery was where I wanted to be.


Rediscovering my passion 2018-2019

To help me figure out what I wanted to do, I travelled across Asia and South America in 2018 undertaking two traditional silversmithing and jewellery technique courses in Thailand and Mexico. This reignited my passion for jewellery. I returned home and landed a job as a jeweller/designer at a jewellery studio in Corsham.


A jewellery business was born 2019-present

I finally had the confidence to start making my own jewellery. Echo Jewellery was born, which evolved into Deana Baker Contemporary Jewellery, and now Fine Bespoke Jewellery.

I continue to work part-time for the Corsham jeweller while reimagining clients' pieces into jewellery they love to wear.

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