Family is a huge focus in my life, so having a strong work life balance is so important. I love how making jewellery gives me so much joy and satisfaction and still allows me to be at home with my little girl. 


My love for jewellery began when I was very young. 

Inspired by both my nan's gorgeous jewellery collections and the encouragement she and my mum gave me to channel my artistic side.

2006 saw me move to Manchester to study 3D Design at University. I began experimenting with ceramics, glass, aluminium and more, before specialising in metal jewellery making. 


Over the years I've represented various luxury boutique jewellers, designing for clients and delivering first-class service. My silversmith skills were strengthened in 2018 when I undertook jewellery courses in Mexico and Thailand.

Upon return, I set up a workshop at home. I began designing, curating and making my own collections.

2020 then saw the launch of my jewellery business.

My work is inspired by the simplicity of form a modern and clean aesthetic.

My time working in luxury boutiques has influenced my aesthetic giving it a softer, timeless feel yet still maintaining that contemporary edge.